aug '21

Now What: A Living Newspaper

Now What: A Living Newspaper FIELDWORK International Summer School organised with Bik Van der Pol
August 13-15, 2021

A participatory programme of workshops, talks and performances focussing on the model and concept of The Living Newspaper, and its production process; writing, costume and prop making, performance, videography, and reflection.

With keynote presentation from choreographer and performance artist Ania Nowak, costume making workshops led by theatre designer Anna Orton and costume designer Alison Brown, filming and editing workshops led by artists Bik Van der Pol and a presentation and discussion with artist and writer Morgan Quaintance.

Leading up to the Summerschool, an online writing workshop Scoring A Living Newspaper to create prompts and scores, was led by writer and editor Laura Haynes. Three exercise study groups with writer and scholar Rania Karoula, and artists Simon Bedwell and Liz Magic Laser interpreted ‘the news’ in theatrical, artistic or performed work.
Now What: A Living Newspaper is a continuation of the Now What? Online Summerschool 2020